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Steven "Wayne" Treadwell, 56, Vincent, AL, Legacy SAV, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

It's Family Day here at the Vax!

According to this obituary, Wayne died on January 23, 2022. He died from COVID. Wayne is a legacy entry as his twin sister Jane Treadwell made an appearance here back in Sept, 2021. She was SAV's first Nurse, as I recall, and a professor as well. Wayne here has no such career distinction. In fact, I can't figure out what he did for a living. However, he is another example of someone whose family member suffered terribly from COVID and died from it, but who remained anti-vaxx and then died, himself. The unfathomable decisions these people are making during this pandemic seem like something new to me. Or maybe it's the dire life and death consequences caused by this pandemic, combined with the visibility of social media, that is merely shining a bright spotlight on just how incomprehensibly wrong people can be, despite being hit in the face with evidence that has effected their friends and families so deeply. These anti-vaxxers are definitely part of a cult. What other possible explanation is there?

Let's start with his sister's death. (Can't believe he didn't link to!):

He's sad about his sister dying from COVID. But he goes right back to shit-posting about vaccines:

Before we go any further, I have to say that I absolutely agree with this post:


Doesn't believe in getting vaccinated but is willing to ingest Borax? It's a cleanser for, like, kitchen tops and toilets.

Uh...not sure how to interpret this...

He's a rightious conspiracy theorist:

He's into the Georgia Guide Stones, which is the subject of many conspiracy theories. You can read about this "monument" erected in 1980 in Georgia. He thinks the "Plandemic" is somehow related:

He posted this. It's an anti-vaxx propoganda piece with the de-population premise.

I'm only posting the video he posted for historical reasons. I do not expect anyone to suffer though it. This video might even be dangerous to watch. However, if you watch all of it, I'll give you a "masochist" badge.

So anyway, Wayne of course got COVID and like his twin sister he died (grabbed from HCA since it was deleted on her page before I could get a shot of it):

Fly High, Wayne.

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05 févr. 2022

Watched all 23 minutes and 29 seconds of this video again.

Can I have my masochist badge now?

When I hear him talk about Deliverance Ministry, all I can think about is Ned Beatty.

Can he splice any more unrelated, out of context videos together?

Not racist at all with that video of the black devil figure injecting white people. Fuck that guy!


Dead Poets Sobriety
Dead Poets Sobriety
03 févr. 2022

There was a poor fellow named Wayne,

His demise even worse than his name,

And just like his sister,

Both caught in a twister,

Of posts that would end up in vain.


There once was a man named Wayne,

Who had enormous resistance to pain,

With his own sister dead,

He'd not use his head,

To have reason and facts be germane.

p.s. how many COVID limericks does it take to get a poet badge?😜

James Reynolds
James Reynolds
22 févr. 2022
En réponse à

There hasn't been a good one so far.


Alas, he unwittingly signed up to be a data point in the greatest experiment ever - in "voluntary depopulation". I maintain my own sanity by reminding myself that, as much damage as these suicidal Trump-Faux lemmings are doing to society as a whole (and their families), at least they are permanently removing THEMSELVES, thereby extinguishing their ability to do yet more damage.

I know it sounds twisted and cold, but hey, the Democrats could NEVER engineer a more effective way to "rig" the next election: sit back and gleefully watch Republican voters going away - permanently - at the rate of about 2000 per day. And, by golly, they KNOW they're right, even as they're shoveling the dirt into the…


Lucy in the Sky
Lucy in the Sky
03 févr. 2022

Borax! Believe it or not, once my grandmother ran out of bubble bath and decided to use laundry soap and Borax for us, just like we were dirty clothes. (She was nice, just ditzy.) So we kids (three of us-- yeah, she liked to save water by making us all bathe together) jumped into the suds. 10 minutes later, we were all in agony-- our little bodies were all red and inflamed from... bathing in Borax.

At least Granny didn't make us DRINK it.

En réponse à

Borax is great for LAUNDRY. What the heck is wrong with people thinking you should bathe in or drink household cleaners? It used to be people bought child locks to prevent children from getting into this stuff, now the adults are doing it???

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