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Susan & Bill Chapman, Conway, S.C. Bill 79, dead of Covid and Susan has a LOT to say.

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

According to this obituary, William "Bill" Chapman died on March 12, 2022. He was a husband to Susan, a father of four, and a grandfather to four. Bill made his living in the tire business. He began his tire career at the family business, Tom Chapman Tire Service, and eventually started his own company, Diamond Back Classic Radials.

There's no mention of Covid in his obituary. If you ask his wife how he died, she'll tell you it was "due to a poisonous protocol." The death certificate listed his cause of death as kidney failure and ventilator pneumonia. Jump to comments here

Bill's Facebook page was benign, or maybe it was scrubbed. Hard to say. However, Susan's Facebook page is FULL of anti-vaccine posts. We can't say whether or not Bill was vaccinated but given how outspoken his wife is about Covid vaccines AND that he died of Covid, I would bet money that he wasn't vaccinated. I could be wrong, though.

According to a story on, Susan was out of town when Bill came down with Covid and he was eventually admitted to the hospital. Susan told Bill's doctors that he wasn't to receive Remdesivir or be put on a ventilator; however, Bill had already agreed to treatments from his doctors. Susan also told the hospital that she wanted Bill to receive Ivermectin, but they refused. Soon after being admitted to the hospital he was placed on a ventilator and eventually passed away. Susan is contemplating a class action lawsuit.

While Bill was quiet on Facebook, his wife had PLENTY to say regarding Covid.

Susan shared this sad story about a child who had a mini heart attack. She says "Many of us know why this happened." However, that's not the REAL story. This child was in the hospital after a series of mini-strokes, NOT mini heart attacks. It also happened before Covid existed, the article is dated May 10, 2018. Here is the REAL story from the Seattle Children's Hospital. It's just another case of someone stealing an image from the internet and adding their own story before passing it around social media.

Here Susan questions "Why are so many young people dying after the shots. Aneurysms, heart and lung issues, etc."

She posts about "mystery deaths."

I couldn't find any legitimate information to back up the claim from that 400 athletes collapsed and died in six months and Reuters has debunked this claim, link is here. Also, Brett Strekta died of a seizure but I couldn't find anything proving that his seizure was related to the Covid-19 vaccine. My neighbor also died of a seizure. She was in her mid-40's, a runner, relatively healthy. That was 20 years ago. I can't blame that on the Covid vaccine!

According to this article, and this article, there HAS been an increase in pacemakers...because so many people have damaged their hearts from Covid, which "is a multisystem illness that can affect the <cardiovascular system" according to National Library of Medicine.

She shared the link to this video on Bitchute that says "We found nano-routers and nano-antennas in ALL the vaccines we tested."

She shared this article titled, "Covid Vaccine Quacks and Charlatans Promoting Ba.5 Booster"

Susan says, "Finally the truth."

This article blames everyone BUT Trump for the 'Covid Vaccine Disaster and Coverup.' Some of those include: Dr. Fauci, The CDC and WHO, Biden and the Biden administration, the media, doctors across America, and Big Pharma.

Holy moly...that's not what this study says.

She shared another piece from They have misrepresented the data and the headline is inaccurate, misleading, and fear-inducing. Again, Reuters debunked this. Here is an excerpt explaining why: "Professor of Biostatistics Elizabeth Williamson told Reuters via email that the “graph in no way indicated a negative vaccine effectiveness”.

She explained: “In a world where most people are vaccinated… we would expect to see the proportion of vaccinated people who die from COVID-19 to be lower than the proportion of unvaccinated people who die from COVID-19. At the same time, we would expect the number of vaccinated people dying from COVID-19 to be higher than unvaccinated, simply because there are so many more vaccinated people... In addition, those at the highest risk are also the most likely to be vaccinated, exacerbating this phenomenon.”

Yes, people with the boosters can still get Covid and it DOES protect them. The booster has been proven safe and helps prevent severe infection and death.

It does seem like we may move towards a yearly Covid booster (article here), like the annual flu shot. I'll still get mine because it sure as heck beats dying.

She says it's all about "Big Pharma."

There's a lot going on in this post!

According to an article from Johns Hopkins, "Anti-vaccination fringe groups have attempted to spin false stories using VAERS data, adding to misinformation about the safety of COVID-19 vaccinations."

Here is another article from Wayne Root. His "honest doctor" is anonymous. This "honest doctor" sure makes a lot of claims but offers no sources or data. Nothing about this "doctor" or this article is credible.

She really lays it all out here:

Vaccines for the US military are nothing new. In fact, they've been receiving vaccines for 230 years! It's not a leftist agenda to destroy the military.

Here is a good table outlining the vaccination schedule for military members.

"Corona Apartheid!"

No, it's not a tragedy that Novak Djokovic had to withdraw from the US Open. He chose not to be vaccinated and there are laws and restrictions regarding international travel. He knew the rules and made his decision. That's not a tragedy.

Moving along now...

Susan shared that Trump won:

She shared a lot of positive Trump posts. No doubt how she feels about him! She says that "Trump is a blue collar billionaire." I'm sorry but there is nothing blue collar about that man.

The photos of a "fit" and healthy, tough-guy Trump always crack me up. SO far from reality!

Did Susan's friend call the IRS the Gestapo??

I'll help Susan, like I did our Sasquatch-seeking friend Danielle, regarding the IRS:

The IRS is planning on hiring approximately 87,000 new employees over the next DECADE because they are currently understaffed and they also need to prepare for a wave of retirements coming over the next five years. They won't all be new, armed agents. Actually, out of the entire IRS only 2,100 SPECIAL agents are authorized to carry firearms. They have a variety of positions to be filled from office support to IT personnel.

Well, I think we know exactly where Susan sits on the Covid vaccine debate. For the rest of us, here is a useful article from NPR explaining the new booster that is available, who should take it, and when. As a Covid-19 virgin and immunocompromised person, I'm hoping to get mine asap. I don't want to end up like Bill or one of the other sad, dead, antivaxxers on SAV. I'm not taking my chances. You shouldn't either.

RIP Bill.

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Chris Merlin
Chris Merlin
27 oct. 2022

So much crazy, how do these people keep up? It's just difficult to parce. I hope she moved freely among the crowds and gets a dose of what she is in denial about.


22 sept. 2022

Every time I see this picture I can’t help laughing- then I expect Trump to burst into flames!



The Facts Matter
The Facts Matter
18 sept. 2022

I realize this is an older post, and ... I have only now read this great piece from VaxxLady. Why only now? Frickrin Google deemed it Social, not Primary. Not sure why 80% make it thru Primary yet other notifications do not. But being over 60, it could be ineptitude.

VaxxLady, thank you for all you do!! And, thus I may be one of the last post. So be it.

But, the facts do matter.

And, what REALLY passed me off was the Djokovic comment. The guy refused to get vaccinated, not one jab, but then lied on his docs to try to enter Australia. There was a TRAVESTY.

This asshole should never play tennis, ever again, until he is…


17 sept. 2022

That guy suffered and died because of his idiot bride. Clearly he had lost all ability to think for himself. Wow. You just can’t fix stupid.


Streets Of Gold
Streets Of Gold
16 sept. 2022

Dude was probably grateful to be liberated from that horrible woman.

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