Suzette Shafer, Zephyrhills, Fl, Anti-vaxx. BF died of COVID, blames remdesivir, posts anti-vax info

This post is part of the Sorry Spouse series. According to this obituary Dan Miller Died on August 23, 2021. Dan was Suzette's boyfriend. Suzette was and still is the vocal anti-vaxxer of the pair since Dan didn't post much of anything online.

Suzette sure did have a lot to say and post about COVID and the vaccine! And I'll give her this, she didn't resort to just reposting memes like most of our entries. She told us in her own words what she thinks:

She posted another rant on the 23rd. She was feeling feisty:

Got to tie in Billionaire boys club trying to make money on COVID strain they helped release:

On August 14th she posted stuff pushing Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine instead of using vaccines:

And then on the 23rd she loses her "Big Dan":

On August 25th, she then posts about lost up and coming big travel plans she was going to have with Dan and how she's fighting through the pain, but then ends the long post with:

And then she posts a video of some chick saying she read some stuff online about remdesivir being bad for kidneys and says "that's what killed my dan"

And then she starts talking about hiring a lawyer to go after the doctors who wouldn't prescribe what she thought they should:

Even now, she's posting about alternative treatments as opposed to Vaccination.

We have no hope do we?

RIP Dan Miller.


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