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Tom & Mandy Urey, 44,32, Meadville, PA, Truckers, anti-vaxxers, orphaned two young boys b/c COVID.

According to this obituary, Tom died December 27, 2021 from "an illiness" and according to this obituary Mandy died January 23, 2022 from COVID. They were both unvaxxed anti-vaxxers, and they left behind two young boys. Tom was actually mentioned on SAV in the Dead Truckers post. I didn't realize at the time that they had both died from COVID. Also, Tom was diagnosed with Leukemia in the summer of '21. He'd gone through chemo and also received a stem cell transplant in November '21. You'd think someone who'd trusted medical science with his life in one area would also trust medical science in another, but clearly politics got in Tom and Mandy's way, and they paid the price for that. It seems some of you found Tom and Mandy's shared page already. :)

Were they anti-vaxx? Yep, they'd decided they weren't going to take the COVID vaccine before the vaccine was even produced.

Quoting and agreeing with Ted Nugent isn't the best idea...turns out.

Very early decision here:

They weren't afraid to die, apparently. Wanted to get back to life so they could die I guess...

Because of Tom's Leukemia, they didn't post a lot of anti-vaxx stuff, but there were some posts like this:

And this is one of the most ridiculous posts I've seen.

But of course they both got COVID:

This makes me sad...

Mandy goes on the vent:

More sadness...

At least she got to see her boys before she went on the ventilator. Then Tom was placed on the ventilator a week later.

They both got the dead cat bounce...

Last update...

And as we know, neither of them pulled through....

RIP Tom and Mandy.

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