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Tracy Young Chiasson, 55, Luling, LA, crafts maker, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

According to this obituary, Tracy died on October 16, 2021 from something. HCA Facebook reminded me that I gathered this story back in October and forgot to post it (probably because October of last year was packed with some high profile SAV candidates!). Tracy was a meme-er.

Why did Tracy end up dead at 55? You can guess. Anti-vaxx memes killed her.

How many died because of that Malone guy?

Old meme:

Another old meme:

Memes really got to Tracy:

She loves the standard memes!

Yet another meme:

She's both:

Copy pasta:

Yawn....yet another meme we've seen:

Poor children....

And of course...

And yes...the memes killed her...

RIP Tracy

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