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Wayne Bennett, 71, Brunswick, GA. Fervid shagger and anti-vaxxer. Dead from Covid.

According to this obituary, Wayne danced his way out of life on September 29, 2021. This is from a stash of stories that Vaxman had but never posted. Since stories are hard to find and he's a "shagger" I just couldn't pass this up.

When I saw that Wayne was part of the Golden Isles Shag Club I thought it was like a swingers’ club or something. It sounded like one of the communities from The Villages in Florida. For our international readers, The Villages is the world's largest 55+ community and is known for their high numbers of STDs (Edit: I stand corrected; that was an exaggeration, according to this article).There's even a movie about it called Some Kind of Heaven.

ANYWAY, that's not the case here, thankfully. It's a dance club. Phew! Here are a couple videos from DJ Wayne, spinning for everyone in da club.

Shag Dancing looks pretty fun and challenging. I came across this video of a Shag Dance competition and these contestants have some moves! I don't think I could make my feet do that. If I tried, I'd likely land on my face.

Wayne's Shagging days are over now because he died due to heart complications while battling Covid pneumonia.

Wayne was definitely an anti-vaxxer. Vaxman sent me a few screenshots for the post and I went back for more. I finally gave up because there are SO many! Let's Chassé along and see what Wayne's about.

If you want to get on my bad side, comparing Covid 19 to the Holocaust is a good start.

Some of these posts REALLY didn't age well!

Wayne repeats that the Delta variant fatality rate is 0.08 and adds, "No face diapers!"

If HCQ and Ivermectin work so well how come they didn't save Wayne?

It's incredibly frustrating that the anti-vaxxers refuse to understand that while you may still get Covid after being vaccinated it helps prevent severe infection and greatly reduces the risk of dying.

He may not have been a fan of Dr. Fauci but Fauci is alive and Wayne isn't. Just sayin'.

He seemed to think that people would go door to door checking for vaccination status. That never happened. The vaccine police don't exist but there was an effort to go door to door to encourage vaccination and to stop the spread of misinformation in certain locations.

Too bad Wayne didn't stick around long enough to see the January 6th hearings or see how many of the insurrectionists have been sentenced to prison.

Ugh. He shared a post that says #StandWithMTG and he loves Trump.

He really doesn't like President Biden.

STFU Wayne. Seriously?

The spelling and punctuation on this post is atrocious, too.

Wayne and I have something in common! Neither of us have ever watched the Kardashians! I think that's where our similarities end.

Misogynistic much?

I hope he's shagging away in the afterlife.

RIP Wayne.

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I really love calling these idiots sheep in comments to them. It seems to piss them off for some reason. I only call them that because they seem to keep misusing the term. I just point out that they are blindly following tRump like sheep. I’m just trying to do my part by educating them a bit. I now realize that they are not a very bright bunch, and my efforts are futile.



Wayne be shagging ......


In this case, I think, Covid is doing god's work.


Yarnek of Excalbia
Yarnek of Excalbia

one less moron

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