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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Jason Osborne, 52, Whitesburg, KY, Antivaxxer, Dead from COVID

When I first came across Jason, I thought his story would be the usual: antivaxxer shitposts, antivaxxer ends up in hospital, antivaxxer dies, end of story. But with Jason it didn't really end with his death; a whole new set of drama ensued, started by his widow. Anyway, before we get to the drama, let's chronicle Jason Osborne's antivax story for future internet historians. Jump to comments.

His politics are very intertwined with his vaccine stance.

This was the post that finally convinced me he was antivax.

I am guessing he is against the mandates, too.

Off topic, but I am astounded that people are still riding the Orange One's bigly D. ITS BEEN 2 YEARS. Get over it.

Back on topic. On our Facebook page, whenever we see this copy pasta, we know the shit has hit the fan.

Drama. Part 1:

Prayers aplenty, a money shot and a heck of a lot of equipment to keep Jason alive.

Prayer warriors mobilized. God could not hear Debbie's feeble prayers.

Some more holding hand pictures.

Detour my faith???

Pfft, don't thank God yet. I see a cat near the trampoline.

Miracle needed. Maybe God will intervene soon.

God must have had more important things to attend to. Oh well, life goes on.

Guilt and prelude to Drama: Part 2. End of Drama: Part 1.

Drama, Part 2

Unleash the saltiness.

Jason, earlier in the year, waving goodbye to life.

Yes, please do stay away, antivaxxers.

I like Heide.

Going by the date on Jason's brother's post, do you all reckon a light bulb switched on in his head?

And that concludes Jason and Debbie Osborne's story.

Thank you for having us. Stay safe. And to the Antivaxxers/Vaccine hesitant lurking on this site, don't be a Jason.

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