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William Hartmann, 63, Biz owner, political figure, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (11/30/21): William has succumbed to COVID. Click here to see below:

Original Post (11/26/21):

According to this story, William is in the hospital (since Nov 6) on a ventilator from COVID. William is involved with Republican politics and was one of the two County Canvassers who flip-flopped their decision to certify the election results in Wayne Co., the largest voting precinct by population in Michigan, since it contains Detroit. This caused quite a stir, if you remember. Well, since then he's been on a tirade, mostly about the election results, Arizona audits, and "election integrity". However, if you look closely, you get some hints about his views on COVID and vaccinations. Granted, William certainly isn't the most egregious anti-vaxxer seen on SAV, but we can see why he wasn't vaccinated and why he is in serious trouble right now.

Coronavirus is nothing to be concerned about...

Just a big distraction...

V is for Virus...

We know this isn't true.

The overpaid conspiracy theory... (Notice that he watches OAN)

The This-whole-thing-was-to-destroy-Trump conspiracy theory:

Oh look, William is reposting an anti-vaxx meme!

Oh look, he's comparing vaccine passports to Nazi occupation...

Uh... these don't work at your place of employment...

Another standard anti-vaxx argument. The answer is always: "Because you're being an asshole."

Reiterating the COVID-election conspiracy...

Why WOULD you want to do that?

Get better, William.


UPDATE (11/30/21): William has died of COVID:

RIP William.

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