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Clay Delane Clark, 50. Logger from Glenmora, LA. Dead of Covid.

You're right Clay. Your story may not be over, but your life is.

Clay was submitted to SAV by one of our readers who also submitted it to the HCAs on Reddit. Normally, I don't post things that have already been on Reddit or other sites similar to SAV, but since the reader submitted it and I was able to grab my own screenshots, I went with it. Plus, his story is kind of rage-inducing. Make sure you read all the way to the end.

On September 5th, Clay's sister announced that Clay was in the ICU with Covid.

Clay died on September 8th, 2022 at Christus St. Francis Cabrini Hospital.

He may have died of Covid but at least he wasn't afraid.

What is EFFING hilarious is that this meme he shared features Kristofer Weston who is a gay, kink & bondage, porn star. Clay had no clue which will be more relevant when you keep scrolling.

God didn't save Clay from the virus. Amen.

I don't think Sam Elliott actually said this but I DO agree.

I guess he really had a thing for Sam Elliott.

You may remember Gary Rains from a SAV story in July. He HATED Yellowstone. Clay felt the opposite and shared a lot of Yellowstone posts. Guess what is coming back on November 13th, 2022. Season 5 of Yellowstone! Too bad Clay won't be able to see the continuing saga of the Dutton family. I'll be watching though, because I took the Covid-19 vaccine and boosters and I'm still alive! I'm getting my bivalent booster next week because I'm NOT going to miss Yellowstone, Handmaid's Tale (out Sept. 14th), or, THE REST OF MY LIFE!

Clay shared many posts to reiterate how much he doesn't care about your opinion or what anyone thinks of him.

I think Clay wins the award for the most number of posts that aged VERY poorly! Oh look, is that Sam Elliott again?!? Sorry Clay, God did NOT carry you through 2022. You know what would have, though? A Covid-19 vaccine!

He hated President Biden.

He was a Trumper!

He shared the video of Trump singing along to "We're Not Gonna Take It." It was from 2016 and it's as awkward as you would think. Watch it here if you want to cringe.

Since then, Dee Snyder has blasted Trump and his ”QANON MAGAT FASCISTS.” Dee said: “Every time you sing ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ remember it was written by a cross-dressing, libtard, tree-hugging half-Jew who HATES everything you stand for.” (Link here)

He believed in Jesus.

He also believed in proudly flying the Confederate flag.

WTF is this?!? He said, "Giddy up cowboys." Wow. That's seriously hateful and disgusting.

He also didn't approve of gays or gay marriage.

He was against abortion and shared a couple of posts about it. Tell that to the 10 year old who was raped and impregnated. (Link to story) What about the woman who was forced to give birth to a baby without a brain or skull? (link to story) What about the 11 year old who was raped and forced to give birth? (Link to story)

I could go on with more examples but it's making me angry, so yes, Clay, PLEASE tell me more about women throwing tantrums.

Oh wait, he can't tell me anything because he's D-E-A-D.

Normally, I would try and write some kind of witty conclusion or summary but I just don't have it in me. Given those last few posts that I shared from Clay, I'm sure you understand why. I WILL say that I'm really happy to see so many of you commenting about getting the new booster that is available. If you need help locating a facility that offers Covid vaccines or the new bivalent boosters, visit Stay safe and healthy.

RIP Clay.

P.S. Please don't harass the family members. If they aren't anti-vaxxers they don't deserve it. I have anti-vaxxer family members and you all know how I feel about vaccines, obviously. So please, stick to Clay and leave his sister and kids out of this. Thank you.

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This is how evolution works.


Dec 21, 2022

as a queer uterus owner, I am not at all sad he's gone.


What an asshole!!! So glad he’s dead.


Unknown member
Oct 01, 2022

Try as I may I still can't find any reason to be sad about this guy dying.


Sep 16, 2022

I feel sorry for these people in the abstract, meaning that I'm not that much younger than they are, our beliefs and choices have affected our lives very differently. I'll admit that initially I kinda thought that COVID-19 was going to be a lot scare for not much. However, I followed every protocol because I wanted to model appropriate behavior in an emergency for my son, since he was 8 years old. I also was raised by a polio survivor and I've seen how it still affects my mom. True story: she was so upset that the US stopped vaccinating for smallpox that she sent me overseas to her family to get the vaccination when I was 3. That may…

Sep 24, 2022
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A lot about Facebook is ridiculous!

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