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Covid Widows Who Find Love Again

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

As we continue to tell old Herman Cain Award stories, we also get a peek in to see how the COVID widows are moving on. We see some, like fan-favorite Shari Snyder, not able to spend a day without confessing her love for her deceased husband, while others move on fairly quickly. We all grieve in different ways but these next three widows moved on quite fast.


Timothy "Tim" Ingland, 50, Murray, KY

Tim married Kayla on August 7, 2021, and was dead a little over a month later. He had one daughter and she had two sons, all from previous relationships. He only had a couple of posts that raised our eyebrows, but, it’s the drama that ensued…

Name: Timothy "Tim" Ingland

Age: 50

Home: Murray, KY

Work: Maintenance Worker

Died: September 15, 2021

Let's start with these questionable posts.

They always seem to be Trump Humpers.

What does a Patriot Guard Rider do? Do I even care? Nope.

He got married to Kayla on August 7, 2021.

It sounds like their wedding was a super spreader event.

He went from married to dead in 34 days.

We all have needs.

Kayla is now Mrs. Clymer.

We all tend to have a type but how did she find an exact replica in two months?


Rickey Carter Jr., 45, Raceland, KY

Rickey celebrated his 3rd anniversary with April Carter. They both have two children from previous marriages and one granddaughter that he absolutely adored.

Name: Rickey Carter Jr.

Age: 45

Home: Raceland, KY

Work: Store Manager

Died: January 4, 2022

Let's start with the antivax stuff first.

He stepped in when another man didn't.

And then this happened.

She's having a really tough time without him. :(

In March 2022, Mike makes his move.

It's FB official.

She's still missing her Rickey.

Will Mike officially win her over? We'll have to wait and see.


Michael "Mike" Rodriguez, 31, Yuba City, CA

Michael "Mike" Rodriguez got engaged to Sabrina Nichols in 2020. They both have a child from their previous relationships. Mike seemed to understand the dangers of contracting COVID and by September 2021, he started asking friends for vaccine advice.

Name: Michael Rodriguez

Age: 31

Home: Yuba City, CA

Work: Owner Auto Glass Company

Died: December 15, 2021

Ah, new love.

They're both Trumpees.

This is where he asked for advice and got some good responses.

A week later, Mike shared this. His fiancé gives him absolutely HORRIBLE advice.

In 10 days it went from "you got this babe" to planning a funeral.

When we found this, we had to keep digging to see if this is what we think it is.

Wait, what? Not only did she move on, but 6 months after her fiance died, she is already expecting. And based on the due date, she got pregnant 3 months after her fiancé died. That is some fast moving.

Our HCA spies kept digging and Sabrina moved on even quicker than we thought. Major drama.

As always, please get vaccinated and boosted. You can find us on Facebook at Herman Cain Awards.

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26 ott 2022

That was some hilarious WT 💩 rat thar.

I don't know witch sentence was funnier!

Mi piace

l a
l a
16 ott 2022

Never, ever get involved with a women who calls you "babe" Yeeks.

Mi piace

Sabrina has a new back tattoo....Sealy Postrapedic.

Mi piace

15 set 2022

Mi piace

Dumbass Patrol
Dumbass Patrol
14 set 2022

Regarding that trash panda Sabrina and Michael's mom: that tea is piping hot!!

Mi piace
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