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Robert West, 45, Delmar, DE, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from COVID

Let's meet Robert West and his wife, Dawn of Delmar, DE. Dawn is a licensed clinical professional counselor. I'll let Robert tell you a little bit more about himself.

Let's start with all the stuff they shared in 2020.

No surprises here.

Where do you think they run to when the shit hits the fan? A church or a hospital?

Ah, they celebrated their 6th anniversary.

Rand Paul is another one who is responsible for a lot of anti-vaxxer COVID deaths.

I'd be rich if I got $1 every time an antivaxxer shared this one. This was their "proof" that the vaccine didn't work.

Here is where the fun begins.

The very next day.

He must be embarrassed to let everyone know the reason for his hospital visit

If God is in control, then he must be teaching Robert a very important lesson.

Robert goes dark, and his wife continues to update us.

Code Red.

Robert sadly didn't make it and earned his Herman Cain Award.

The obituary claims it was just a "brief illness."

Six months later. Dawn learned nothing.

Fast forward to nine months after her husband's death. Who is Christopher? It's probably just a good friend?

That seems like a lot more than just friends.

Well, that escalated fast.

13 days later. I guess you move fast when you believe it's a sin to have sex before marriage.

He's also uber-religious. I hope he's fully vaccinated.

I'll end with taking one last look at the post Robert shared, just one day before he needed prayers.

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Apr 25, 2023

Over 1mil dead in the US alone with millions more experiencing some degree of long haul yet thumpers like trumpers still think they have the answers???? I have not a whisper of sympathy for any of them. May they all rot slowly before they die then rot completely after they do but I do feel bad for the kids.


Apr 03, 2023

They announced their engagement exactly a year after Robert's last healthy day. Their engagement was a week shorter than the time covid took to kill him. This all seems to be in rather poor taste,


Something you don't see too often: disgraced pastor. That takes commitment.


Mary M
Mary M
Mar 17, 2023

Wow, I haven't been here for a while. Lots of new faces!

As for Mr. West: Antivax, Rand Paul worshiper, ChurchPuppet, ICU time, Prayer Warrior time, Miracles time, Obituary time, Widow remarriage time.

He did it all in perfect sync with the Covidiot squad, good job there :)

Guess I'm in lalaland, since everyone I know is vaxxed and not masking anymore. The weekly death tolls are higher than ever. Can it be that the 90% admitted to hospitals who are unvaxxed is the reason for this strange anomaly?

Gotta go, time for a little wine tasting with friends.


Hey dead Robert since you were a believer...FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. MIRACLE??=VACCINE

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