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  • Keith Smith, 52, York, PA. Engineer, pro-ivermectin, dead from COVID, despite Ivermectin.

    The following is based on those notes: Darla asked the staff at UPMC about Ivermectin and they told her I'd just like to point out that EVEN IF Ivermectin were antiviral, which it isn't in the human body, His kidneys started failing and Darla reassured her readers that it wasn't because of the Ivermectin. Even her "Ivermectin Doctor" then recommended not giving him anymore Ivermectin. Now she blames the timing of the Ivermectin treatments: “I could have given him the drug on the sly.

  • Roger "Danger" Gundersen, 48, Vancouver, WA, anti-vaxxer, Ivermectin worshiper, Dead, COVID.

    UPDATE (10/17/21): Scott Miller, the physicians assistant, who wrote the Ivermectin prescription for She tried to force hospitals to give her husband Ivermectin by every means possible, including going

  • Joe Manning, 57, Wayne Co. GA, Police Captain. Pushed Ivermectin. Died of COVID.

    Joe was an anti-vaxxer through and through, and even pushed the heart worm medicine Ivermectin.

  • Larry Manen, 73, Harrison, Ark. Anti-vaxxer, pushed Ivervectin. Died of COVID.

    If he tried Ivermectin, it didn't work. He posted pictures of Ivermectin 6 times on his site on August 5th, so it was definitely on his mind, And he pushed Ivermectin (the horse paste version!)

  • Rocky Gaitan, 45, San Antonio, TX, Anti-vaxxer, almost 4 Months Hospitalized due to Covid - UPDATED

    Update: Rocky is no longer rockin' on this plant. Click here to jump to the update: We featured Rocky on HCAss back in early January. We took a peek to see how he's doing now and it looks like he's had a really "rocky" journey. Let me introduce you to Rocky Gaitan, who just turned 45 years old. Rocky is a former Marine and is head custodian at a high school in San Antonio, TX. Rocky and his wife Dalila Holguin-Gaitan have been married for 21 years and have two sons. Rocky and Dalila check so many anti-vaxxer boxes. Super political, hundreds of anti-vaxx posts and extremely religious. A goatee seems to be a major player in the anti-vaxx world, and not only does Rocky have one, but he also posted this goatee selfie (we didn't crop it 😂). Do you think they've learned their lesson? So many of them never do. Here are just some of the hundreds of anti-vaxx posts that Rocky and Dalila shared last year. You can pick any day on Dalila's timeline and you'll most likely find an anti-vaxx post. Rocky contracts Covid and is hospitalized on 11/19/21. Dalila posted a lot of prayers and religious messaging. GoFundMe is activated. After almost 2 months, he finally opens his eyes on 1/19/22. 1/26/22, they're hoping for rehabilitation soon. 4 days later Dalila posted this. WTF? On 2/2/22, he finally gets to rehabilitation. Just 12 days later, he's back in the hospital. 3/1/22 - Rehab didn't go well and he ended up with another infection and some other issues. He's currently still hospitalized. Dalila still proudly uses this as her FB profile photo. They're running a Rocky's BBQ Plate Fundraiser in a few weeks. Get better Rocky! We're hoping you make a full recovery and change your stance on vaccines. If this doesn't scare you to get vaccinated, nothing will. A vaccine is so much easier, not only than all of the pain and suffering Rocky is going through but that his entire family is enduring. Get vaccinated. Get your booster. SAV Update: Rocky didn't survive his fight with Covid. According to his obituary, he died August 5th, 2022. Thank you to our SAV readers who sent the update. The GoFundMe wasn't a big success. Only 7 people donated for a total of $540. They were $9460 short of their $10k goal. What a terrible way to spend the last of your days. He was hospitalized since November 19, 2021 and didn't pass until August 5th. I can't imagine the misery of spending 37 weeks or 259 days in the hospital...or the hospital bills. From the pictures above, it looks like it was a horrible existence. Think of all the moments he missed with his children and his wife while he was hospitalized and how many more he will miss in the future. Will his beloved Packers win another Super Bowl? He'll never find out. There are so many things that he will never get to experience because he refused a shot. Was it worth it? When will this end? How many more people have to die? How many people will suffer from long Covid? Covid isn't going away and I'm tired of people who scoff at the vaccine then ask for money and help after they are sick. We've been battling this virus for years now. We have the tools to fight it but people keep choosing to believe lies and misinformation instead of science and the consequences can be dire and/or deadly. If you're on Facebook be sure to visit our friends and the original author of Rocky's story at: Herman Cain Awards. Please, get vaccinated. It works. If you're unsure which booster you should take and when, here is a helpful article from Johns Hopkins, a trusted source. Visit for more information on where you can find the Covid-19 vaccine and boosters near you. Don't forget your flu shot, too!

  • Dr. Bruce Boros MD, 71, Key West, FL. Cardiologist, anti-vaxxer, "seriously ill" with COVID.

    He also appears to be THE leader in the push for using Ivermectin against COVID (at least self-proclaimed At this summer, according to the article, he claimed: "I have been on Ivermectin for 16 months, my wife As a doctor, he'll surely get monoclonal antibodies and be fine, but then claim Ivermectin saved him. There are so many anti-vaxx, pro-Ivermectin posts on this guy's Facebook page that it's overwhelming. Is Ivermectin a MLM or something? He's not being honest here.

  • Eric Carlston, 51, Rochester, NY, Anti-vaxxer, fighting hospital for "protocols", in ICU with COVID

    The organizer of Eric's GoFundME is SAV entry Ayesha Kreutz; she fought in court for Ivermectin but ultimately He's got it all...fighting for Freedumb and Ivermectin. Also, he loves rallies. He's really into Ivermectin: and Freedumb: Because...idiots. No, they deserve to live while your lungs deteriorate: Did I mention his love of Ivermectin? LOL.

  • Shaun and Judy Patterson, Nakusp, BC. Both Anti-vaxxers. Mom dead of Covid. Son claims "murder."

    According to the hospital, Judy's kidneys failed because Shaun treated her with Ivermectin! Turns out liver failure is one of the many toxic effects of: (drumroll please) IVERMECTIN! He also told patients to buy Ivermectin. Dr. Please learn that Ivermectin is the poison, not the vaccine. Get vaccinated and stay away from Ivermectin! RIP Judy. P.S.

  • Rodney & Diana Fuller, Owensboro, KY. Both got Covid. Wife died. Rodney, anti-vaxxer, cries murder!

    to visit his wife in the hospital, he talked to her doctors and requested that she be treated with Ivermectin The doctors declined and explained that they follow CDC protocols and that Ivermectin is not for people Ivermectin WAS approved in New Hampshire. "Some people unable to get Ivermectin over the counter here have been resorting to going to farm stores Did you notice who wrote the article claiming that the military's leaked documents say Ivermectin works

  • Lora Reinbold, 57, Eagle River, AK, GOP State Senator, anti-vaxxer, tests positive for COVID

    She claims to have COVID and is at home taking horse paste, or rather, Ivermectin. I've become quite wary of these extreme Ivermectin pushing anti-vaxxers who just go ahead and announce Of course, she loves Ivermectin... And if you get COVID all you need is breathing exercises!

  • William Topel, 68, Anchorage, AK, Patriot, Against Tyranny, got COVID then the hospital 'killed' Him


  • Veronica Wolski, 64, Chicago, Il., Qanon Conspiracy Theorist. Anti-vaxxer. Died from COVID.

    wrote, and even stood outside the hospital blowing horns, demanding the hospital to treat her with Ivermectin I'm sure NOW these people will use Veronica as their martyr and create an Ivermectin army and start attacking

  • Ryan Ograyensek, 41, Taylor, MI, Insurance Broker, unvaxxed, dead from COVID

    I guarantee she didn't read this paper: She spent $500 on Ivermectin. Another rant, another voice-to-text: OH LOOK, THE IVERMECTIN HAS ARRIVED!! No hospital in the U.S. has given 1000 patients Ivermectin. She didn't tell us because she was too busy ranting about vaccines and Ivermectin. She simply will not shut up about Ivermectin: Dr.

  • Marcus Lamb, 64, Dallas, TX, Televangelist, anti-vaxxer and anti-vaxx promoter, dead from COVID.

    In fact, he's claimed that he and his wife Joni have been taking Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and It's also possible that, as part of the AFLD Telemedicine group, he may have prescribed Ivermectin for They never mention that expense, only that ivermectin is $4 a box. He makes safety claims for Ivermectin. How is that Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Quercitin, and Hydroxychloroquine working out for you?

  • Update: Steve Quayle, 70, Bozeman, MT, Radio Kookbabbler, Anti-vaxxer, Hospitalized with COVID.

    20COVID%2019%20DECEPTION%20AND%20WHAT%20YOU%20NEED%20TO%20KNOW%20TO%20SURVIVE.pdf It goes on to discuss Ivermectin Fauci is behind it all: Globalist war against Ivermectin: Anyway...apparently he caught COVID: and I He wonders how he could be on a prophylactic dose of Ivermectin and end up in the Hospital.

  • Wayne Doyle, 62, Columbus, MS, Volunteer Firefighter, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

    On 2/2/22, Janice mentioned that they would like to get him Ivermectin. different hospital who had a 400-pound patient successfully removed from a ventilator after receiving Ivermectin All anti-vaxxers find a doctor who will prescribe all the Ivermectin they want, but in return they won't

  • Bernadette Elaine "Joy" Elder, 58, Destin, FL. Kingdom Age Lifestyle, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

    shows in this video should be tried for murder: Now let's take a look at her Facebook posts: She loves Ivermectin : And she believes in natural immunity (I guess with Ivermectin?

  • Dr. Christopher Foley, MD, 71, Dellwood, MN, Doctor (natural medicine), anti-vaxxer. Dead. COVID.

    past year, Foley wrote on his practice’s website that it was dangerous to wear masks and that the drug Ivermectin In the next blog post he pushes Ivermectin as an effective treatment for COVID: More false information

  • Lenny Mendez, 44, Sanford, FL, Healthcare, anti-vaxxer. Died from COVID.

    verm@ctin (is that anything like Ivermectin?) Lenny gives us the game! Anyway that's enough.